Hiranandani SWH
Solar water heating system at Hiranandani, Villa Royal, Thane.
Solar Water Heating System of 2500 LPD.
Customer – Hiranandani
Location – Villa Royal, Thane

Hiranandani has continually pioneered newer technologies, bold design and precision engineering to create landmark residential townships and commercial complexes. Propelled by the drive to change expectations and the lifestyle of people thus changing the skyline of the city, Hiranandani has ushered in an era marked by higher standards of living and global lifestyles. Hiranandanai Group founded by Niranjan hiranandani and Surendra Hiranandani in 1978.
At one of their residential building Villa Royal at Thane, we install Solar water heating system Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) of 2500 LPD Thermosyphon to provide hot water to their Bathroom. The system is being designed to supply hot water. Due to the continuous rise in the price of electricity unit, the Hiranandani Group’s Management decided to use solar water heating system to save energy cost.

The system is designed to supply hot water from solar hot water system & comprises of,
  FPC 20 nos.
  Insulated Hot water main tank of two nos. of 2500Ltrs.
  Control Panel (Heater coil)
  Temperature gauge.
  Plumbing (NRV, Stainer, water meter)

This 2500 LPD solar Water heating system provides hot water to their Residential Bathroom. Also, helps the building in Electricity saving of 27,500 energy units / Year & hereby reducing Co2 Emission of 24,750 kg / Year in the Environment..