1.2MW rooftop solar         powerplant in Pune
    TCS Powai
1.2MW rooftop solar powerplant in Pune
1.2MW rooftop solar powerplant in Pune.
Customer – TCS Lonavala
Location – TCS guest house, Lonavala
    Customer – Step Premises Pvt Ltd Location – Pune, Maharashtra

Bharati Vidyapeeth is a Deemed university and a group of higher educational institutions located in Pune, India. It was established in 1964 by Indian politician and educationist Patangrao Kadam. It runs more than 78 schools and 60 institutions of higher education, including those of professional education.      
BVDU initiated the concept of Solar power plant in year 2016 and after a detailed analysis of all the available roofs and load demand we finalised a size of 1.15MWp project distributed over 22 buildings and connected to 5 Transformers for Net metering purpose. This is the first phase of the Green Energy revolution of BVDU.

The system is designed for online consumption of the generated solar power & comprises of,
At Raheja Bungalow :-
  Solar System 2kW
  Battery 400Ah 48V
  Inverter 2kVA
  Water Heater of 500 LPD
At Walvan Bungalow :-
  Solar System 7kW
  Battery 600Ah 96V
  Inverter 7.5kVA
  Water Heater of 1000 LPD

The system is designed for Grid Feed in through Net metering at 5 different transformers located within both the campuses.

✦ Plant Size:- 1.15MW (1150 kWp)
✦ No. Of Modules used:- 3600 Nos
✦ Make of Module: Canadian 295Wp - MonoCrystalline
✦ Power conditioning unit:- SMA STP 2000TL & SMA STP 25000TL- 46 Nos
✦ Structure:- Fixed Tilt at 15 Deg

Each building is provided with Solar ACDB and LT panel with all protections as required.

This Rooftop 1.15W Solar Photovoltaic plant has been erected on a total 22 buildings within both campuses. The daily generation at the site is above 5125 kwh (units). Since the project has been executed and commissioned under Netmetering policy the client can reduce his existing bill as well as gain generation at the tariff offered of Rs 7.25 per unit. Thus the annual expected generation at the site is 1.55 million kwh/year and here by reducing Co2 Emission of 14,22,000 kg/Year in the Environment.