Hybrid Energy Systems
TSPL Hybrid Systems (a combination of Solar & Wind Energy Generators)
We would like to familiarize you with TSPL Hybrid solution (a combination of solar & wind generators) , that along with having all the advantages of being environmentally friendly & zero pollution systems, also provides high power outputs to meet the requirements of your residence / office / complex / society / industry. When an aero generator and an SPV system are interfaced, the power generation from these is mutually supplemented, and the resultant hybrid system offers a reliable and cost-effective electric supply in a decentralized mode. The wind-solar hybrid system mainly consists of one or two aero generators along with SPV panels of suitable capacity, connected with charge controller, inverter, battery bank, etc. to supply AC power. Choosing renewable sources of energy means contributing to the environment, cost saving on your day-to- day energy costs, and increasing our independency from fossil or conventional supplies. As you are aware, TSPL with many Successful Installations over the years strives for technological advancement in each component level. A truly International Solution, with top of the line products Integrated in this SYSTEM allows for trouble-free & continuous operation, even through days of inclement weather. Use of technical excellence eradicates chances of all or any errors and meet all requirements needed to make it a very Reliable and Robust System.
  20% to 50% reduction in the initial capital cost
  Multiple energy sources allows you to use smaller battery banks while ensuring 24 hour power
  Hybrid wind mills allow for larger variations in average wind speeds
  When energy is created, while being used, the battery life gets longer
  When one source of energy is not available, another energy source compensates it to make hybrid wind mills extremely reliable

  Places where sunlight is extremely fluctuating
  Places where wind and sun energy are available and exploitable
  Places with high levels
  Places where space available for installation of PV panels is not sufficient

Energy Generation Chart - Hybrid System - Assuming wind speeds of 16 to 18 Kmph OR 10 MPH to 13 MPH & typical sunshine for 5 Hrs /day
Description   800 Watts   1,800 Watts   3,900 Watts   5,100 Watts   10,000 Watts
Model No.(WEG)   TS - 6   TS - 15   TS - 32   TS - 42   2 nos. x TS - 42
Capacity   650 Watts   1,500 Watts   3,300 Watts   4,200 Watts   2 nos. x 4,200 Watts
Solar PV Capacity   150 Watts   300 Watts   600 Watts   900 Watts   1,600 Watts
Energy Generated through Hybrid System   2.6 to 3.8 kWh/day   7 to 9.5 kWh/day   14 to 18 kWh/day   17 to 22 kWh/day   32 to 44 kWh/day
Usage Time   4 to 6 Hrs   5 to 7 Hrs   5.5 to 8 Hrs   7 to 10 Hrs   8 to 12 Hrs
System Voltage   24 Volts   24 Volts   48 Volts   48 Volts   96 Volts
Wind Tower (Guyed Pipe type)   30 feet (Roof Mounting)   40 feet (Roof Mounting)   40 feet (Roof Mounting)   40 feet (Roof Mounting)   2 x 40 feet (Ground Mounting)
Battery Capacity(Tubular Type)   12V/165 Ah x 2 nos   12V/165 Ah x 6 nos   12V/150 Ah x 12 nos   12V/150 Ah x 16 nos   12V/200 Ah x 24 nos
Inverter Type   Quasi Sine Wave   Pure Sine Wave   Pure Sine Wave   Pure Sine Wave   Pure Sine Wave
Capacity   24 V, 600 VA   24 V, 1,400VA   48 V, 2,500 VA   48 V, 2,500 VA   96 V, 5,000 VA
Cables & Wires   25 M   50 M   50 M   50 M   50 M