Large Scale On-Grid SPV Power Plants / EPC
As one of the leading system integrators/ EPC Contractors, TSPL team plans, builds and operates solar power stations in the multi megawatt range all over India. Planning and implementation of turn-key photovoltaic rooftop systems are also part of our service portfolio. As a System Integrator, our company offers complete systems which are carefully selected and inspected components for on-grid systems. Our in-house research and development team along with our partners creates new innovative and intelligent solutions for an array of installation and application types which requires minimum area for the project. We ensure reliability of photovoltaic power plants by deploying our in-house experts to handle operations and maintenance. As a result of our experience and demand for quality, we offer sustainable solutions for sustainable energy generation. In addition to this, our durable and yield-oriented photovoltaic systems ensure maximum returns for our customers in terms of system technology as well as economy. Together with our partners, we stand for the best components, the best systems and thus for optimal results. As a consortium partner of Titan Energy Systems Ltd., working exclusively in India with a team of the world’s Largest & Best in the EPC business like Beck energy, Eco Europe (who have totally installed more than 600 MW PP across the globe). We can Design, Procure and Install projects to demanding standards and timescales.
Our Strengths
  State of the art ramming machinery used in construction without effecting the soil strength and characteristics.
  Guaranteed generation as per performance ratio
  Fully insurance backed O & M package to give both Clients and Investors complete piece of mind.
  Standard warranty of all the equipments for 5 years
  Scope Understanding
  Faster Project Completion
  High Plant Load Factor(PLF) / Plant Utilization Factor(PUF)