SPV Off-Grid Roof Top Power Plant
Twincity Sunlife offers a wide range of 'Solar Roof Top Power Plants' for homes as well as commercial establishments. The system provides electricity as an independent power source with highest efficiency and operational reliability. Due to our extensive experience, we are considered to be one of the pioneers, particularly in the area of photovoltaic technology, which has grown more rapidly than other market segments. Although they are most common in remote locations without utility grid service, off-grid solar-electric systems can work anywhere. These systems operate independently from the grid to provide all of a household’s electricity. That means no electric bills and no blackouts.
  Low electricity bill/No electricity bill
  Stored electricity extremely useful in emergency situations
  Limited components and minimal cable losses
  Very convenient to set up at remote villages/sites where there are no power grids
  Simple to install
  Automatic transmission from grids when load increases

  Single / Three Phase - Pure Sine wave Output
  High Efficiency Conversion
  Clean Regulated Power to Load
  “No Break” transfer to the battery & renewable energy power in the event of grid failure.
  High Surge Rating
  All the system components are as per IEC or equivalent international Standards
  In Built Auto By-pass to grid in the event of unit failure
  Integrated PWM / MPPT solar regulator
  LCD Display, Data Logging, Remote Monitoring provisions
  Provision for Export of excess power to Grid
  Can be completely customized as per customer requirements
  Simple & User friendly interface
  Extremely reliable & minimal maintenance
  Very Low harmonic distortion
  Possibility of unlimited parallel connections

Solar Panels, Module Mounting Structures (MMS), Power Conditioning Unit, Battery Bank, Lightning Arrestors, Earthing kits, Surge Protection, Cables, Fuses, isolators, ACDB, DCDB, etc.