Solar Telecom Tower
Telecom towers require 24/7 power supply. Traditionally it used to draw the required power from grid and alternatively DG sets. As per the situation the best solution to overcome the problem of connectivity, the telecom system should be taken care by renewable Energy sources. When Telecom Operator decides to set up a new radio site, we must ensure that it meets quality of service requirements and is financially profitable.
  Running Cost Almost Zero
  Maintenance Almost Zero
  Noise Level Pollution Zero
  Carbon Credits Applicable for the system

  Capacity of Solar array & battery bank is designed as per the loads, daily hours of operation & back up for non-sunny days.
  System Autonomy: 2 to 7 days as per requirement
  All the system components are as per IEC or equivalent international Standards
  Life of the SPV is more than 25 – 30 years
  High efficiency solar modules in the system ensure optimal throughput
  Twincity Sunlife’s solar power systems integrates a combination of solar/grid/diesel power sources through a specially designed
  Intelligent power conditioning unit (IPCU)
  IPCU delivers leading efficiencies and harvest maximum energy from solar source using MPPT (99.9%) algorithms
  IPCU's customized hybrid bus architecture delivers the required power without interruption
 Sophisticated controller logic monitors and maximizes battery lifecycle and minimizes generator runtime to provide best "Total Cost of    Ownership(TCO)"
  Total site management and data logging provides detailed local and remote statistics

Solar Panels, Module Mounting Structures (MMS), Power Conditioning Unit, Battery Bank, Lightning Arrestors, Earthing kits, Surge Protection, Cables, Fuses, isolators, ACDB, DCDB, etc.
  Design To accumulate the System with less space requirement
  Can be designed using fixed Tilt Angle or Tracking System
  Anti corrosion Structure
  Future Expansion Can be done With stand wind Speed of approx 200 Km/h

  Remote Areas / Rural Sites Unmanned Sites / Remote Forest sites