Solar Street Lights
One of the most popular & widely used solar PV systems is a solar powered street lighting system The system comprises of AC / DC operated energy efficient LED lamps in the range from 3watts to 60 watts, tubular lead acid battery for longer life span, solar PV module(s), charge control electronics, inter‐connecting wires / cables, Module mounting hardware, Battery box, timers. The system is designed to automatically switch ON at dusk. Operate through out the night and automatically switch OFF at the dawn. SPV modules charge the Storage battery during day time. Autonomy available from 1 day to 3 day & even more can be provided.
Twincity Sunlife has verity of options in this segment as per customer’s requirement like:
Metal Casing-excellent finish powder coating - Imported (from U.S.), SINGLE CHIP LED in place of multiple LED, M.S. Two Joint poles, G.I. poles, FRP poles, GRP poles.
Twincity Sunlife also introduces Centralized Solar street light or area lighting which can reduce the total project cost & give customers a economical solution.
  No utility line extensions & no utility bills
  Fast simple installation & Location flexibility
  SPV panels are as per IEC or equivalent international Standards
  High power factor & minimum losses
  Maintenance free & automatic dusk to dawn operation
  Technologically advanced crystalline solar module used with warranty up to 25 years.
  High efficiency power output through use of LED/Power LED lamps

  Lighting of Streets
  Industrial areas / plots
  School Zones
  Gardens & Parks, Roadways
  Parking Lots
  Picnic Areas / Campsites, Marinas / Boat Ramps
  Landscaping, Markets
  Squares, Beaches
  Service Stations
  For Security purposes and any more applications