Solar Water Pumps
India is facing a huge electricity crises and the erratic and unreliable grid power supply has always forced farmers, individuals & industries to look harder for other reliable sources of power especially to run their pumps, to meet the basic water requirements. For locations beyond the reach of power lines or where grid power is not reliable, TSPL water pumping systems offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel‐burning generators. They require no fuel deliveries and low maintenance. TSPL pumping systems are easier to install, and provide a more consistent supply of water. The suitability of solar power for lifting water to irrigate plants is undeniable because of the complementarities between solar irradiance and water requirements of crops, the more intensively the sun is shining the higher is the power generated by the solar modules & water available for irrigation. We specialize in DC pumps simply because they are more efficient than AC pumps. Our pumps can operate directly from photovoltaic panels or from batteries that are kept charged by any combination of DC sources.
There following are the types solar pumps
  Solar submersible pumps
  Solar surface pumps
  Can lift from depths of more than 350 m, Max. Flow rate of 70 m3/hr
  Lowest power consumption, Max. Efficiency 92 % (motor + controller)
  High reliability and life expectancy with Low Maintenance
  Smaller size of solar / wind / battery systems making it cost‐effective pumping solution
  Glass filled polycarbonate / Stainless Steel construction, industrial standard carbon‐ceramic shaft seal
  Weatherproof, fully sealed enclosure, resistant to chemicals, salt & sunlight and Withstands
  Temperatures to 175°F
  Self‐priming centrifugal design, protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature
  One controller for array direct or battery powered operation, with system status indication
  The soft‐start controller optimizes motor efficiency under all conditions
  Dry run protection, mounted above ground (no submerged electronic parts)
  Automatic reset 20 minutes after low water protection engages
  Speed control, maximum pump speed adjustable to reduce flow rate to approximately 30 %
  Solar operation: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking to increase efficiency by 40%)
  IEC certified Solar panels

TSPL water pumping systems are a perfect balance of technology & solar power to cater to all the spectrums of water demands from more gallons per day to larger depths. They have proven indispensable in many applications like :   Irrigation especially “Drip Irrigation”
  Live stock Watering
  Commercial & Residential water pumping – from ground tank to overhead tanks, etc
  Industrial water pumping
  Swimming pools / Pond Management
  Large scale “Drinking Water” Supply schemes