Solar Billboard
The cost of electricity has drastically increased over the last few years, and the current industry trends do not show any slowdown, or reversal, in these price trends. Additionally, the cost of doing business is on the rise while consumer spending is becoming tighter, and more hard fought, leading to lower profit margins and budgets. As an outdoor advertising company, the cost of lighting your billboards can be extremely high, and eat away large amounts of company profits. Solar Billboard Lighting, on the other hand, requires no electricity (in the normal sense) and therefore, through electric cost savings over the lifetime of the Solar Billboard Lighting System, they completely pay for themselves within a period of 3 years.
  High-Output Light fixtures that are rated at the top of the industry for efficiency, output, and reliability
  Battery Backup to provide overcast protection (enables continued operation after a number of cloudy days) and system autonomy
  Efficient, renewable, and clean energy lighting
There are literally dozens of benefits of solar billboard lights. There are financial benefits and there are environmental benefits – all of which are equally important to your business and your customers.

Installing the Solar Light is more affordable that installing a traditional Billboard Lighting Kit. When you choose the Solar Light, you cost your installation costs in all of the following areas
  Trench Wiring – with the Solar Light you do not need to run underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your billboard
  Trenching – Because the Solar Light is a completely standalone, self-contained Billboard Lighting System, you do not need to pay     the additional costs of digging trenches for your underground wiring
  Replacement Landscaping – Because you do not have to trench to install the Solar Light, there is no additional cost for replacing and     repairing the ground that is torn up during the trenching process
  Land Usage Rights – With no need for external wire connections, etc, the Solar Light allows you, the outdoor advertiser to provide     consistent, affordable lighting to your billboard locations without the need to negotiate with property owners to use their property for     underground wiring and landscaping
  No Electric Meter – With the Solar Light there is no need to meter your Billboard Lighting System. This means you save the cost of     purchasing and installing a meter, and the electrical connection fees
  No Electric Usage and Demand Charges – Because the Solar Light is entirely Solar Powered, you don’t need to pay for electrical     usage
  CDM Benefits : Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) benefits can be availed on multilple projects

  Lower your carbon footprint
  Decrease your greenhouse gas emissions
  Help fight global warming/climate change
  Help stop the depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels