Solar Water Heaters
In the search for more cost effective and environmentally sustainable energy sources, solar hot water provides the perfect solution. Solar heating has become a popular way to reduce hot water costs, which account for around a third of total energy use and more than half the average electricity use in a house. Twincity Sunlife has developed a range of solar hot water systems that use advanced evacuated glass tube technology to capture the sun’s thermal energy. The result is a solar hot water system that delivers an improved energy efficiency of up to 92%. The Twincity Sunlife hot water systems are not only designed to provide superior performance but will also look great and add value to your home. With superior design and enhanced insulating properties, the collectors optimise energy capture while minimising heat loss, providing greater energy efficiencies, particularly during the winter period when thermal energy is at its lowest.
Over the past few years, TSPL has acquired vast experience & knowledge in setting up big projects which range from 500 liters/day to 1,00,000 liters/day with a temperature range of 60 to 90 degrees Celsius (higher capacities and temperatures can also be provided for special applications). Although TSPL supplies & installs both Evacuated Tube Collector(ETC) systems & flat plate collector type (FPC) systems we recommend the use of ETC type systems wherever possible because of their dual advantage of cost savings and better performance. Unlike flat plate or copper tube collectors the efficiency of evacuated tube solar collectors (ETC) are much less influenced by weather changes.
Twincity Sunlife Brand of Evacuated Tube Collectors
The tubes are composed of two concentric glass tubes that are half spherically closed on one side and fused together on the other side, the gap between the tubes is evacuated and afterwards hermetically plugged (vacuum insulation). In order to make solar power usable, the internal glass tube is provided with an environmentally friendly, highly selective layer thus designed as an absorber. This coating is protected within the vacuum gap. An aluminium nitrate sputter layer is characterized by very low emission and very good absorption.
  Huge Savings on electricity bills and pay back within 2 years
 High Thermal efficiency using the world’s latest, proven and tested, Evacuated Glass Tube Collectors, which track the sun     throughout the day and intercept more than 92% of incident solar radiation
  Tested at SPRERI (Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Institute), Gujarat (Approved test centre of MNES & BIS, Govt. of India) & School of     Energy Studies (University Of Pune), Pune (Approved test centre of MNES & BIS, Govt. of India)
  Requires lesser space as compared to conventional solar water heaters
  Handles hard water with ease without drop in efficiency and does not require frequent internal cleaning
  PUF insulated Stainless Steel Tank with SS cladding ensures hot water even on winter mornings
  Electrical back-up is also available to provide additional heating during the monsoon season
  Corrosion resistant structures and hardware
  Requires practically no maintenance
  Expected Life of more than 20 years

Features   ETC type systems   Flat Plate Type systems
Sun Tracking   Circular glass tubes allow Auto Sun tracking and ensures maximum heat absorption (>93%) throughout the day   Due to flat surface of the collector, sun tracking is not possible. Maximum heat absorption only at 12 noon
Effect of External Weather and Ambient Temperature   Design independent of ambient temperature, Ideal even during winters   Design dependent on ambient temperature results in low efficiency during cold weather
Hard Water Effect   Non-metallic glass tubes of much larger diameter 37 mm prevents chocking and ensures maximum efficiency and life of the system without frequent cleaning and maintenance. Glass tubes and tanks can be cleaned manually   System efficiency drops drastically as hard water causes scaling and chokes the narrow metallic absorber pipes (12mm). Leakages could also develop. Requires frequent expensive cleaning of pipes, manual cleaning of tank is impossible due to completely sealed design
Start-up and Heating time   Short start-up time from cold to hot in just 2 to 3 hours   Long heating process from cold to hot takes 5 hours
Connections between Collectors and storage tank   integrated design eliminates interconnecting pipes completely   Uses interconnection pipes that result in heat loss and reduces system life
Numbers of collectors for a 115 LPD system   15 evacuated glass tubes   8 to 10 Copper fins
Storage Tank Insulation   Highly efficient PUF insulation for overnight retention of heat, PUF does not absorb water and has absolutely no deterioration is extremely long lasting   Generally glass wool / rock wool are used. Susceptible to getting soaked during rains, thus requiring frequent replacement
Installation Space Requirement (for 115 LPD)   Due to higher efficiency, the overall size of the system is much smaller with base length of only 6 feet. Balcony type cantilever mounting is possible. Ideal for multi storied apartments, reducing hot water piping   The system has a base length of 10 feet. It can be mounted only on rooftops, cannot be used for multi-storeyed apartments due to heat loss in lengthy pipes from roof
Relative position of cold water tank   Cold-water tank could be mounted at a height of only 4 feet from the base of the system   Cold-water tank must be mounted at a height of about 7 to 8 feet from the base of the system
Due to continuous developments and product improvement, the company reserves the right to change / alter specifications.

  Lower your carbon footprint
  Decrease your greenhouse gas emissions
  Help fight global warming/climate change
  Help stop the depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels