Domestic / Thermo Syphon
In the non-pressurized thermo-siphon system, its storage tank and evacuated tubes are installed as one unit on building roof. Run by natural circulation, the system can work without electricity. The Hot water flow rate of this kind of system mainly depends on height difference between the water tank and the hot water shower head. Filled with cold water in the morning, the water gets heated during the day. This hot water is stored in a specially insulated tank (PUF insulation) for use at night or whenever needed.
  TSPL non-pressurized solar water heater is the most economical device among all kinds of solar water heaters
  Extremely efficient and with stable performance
  Designed life expectation of at least 20 years
  TSPL non-pressurized solar water heater has a very simple structure and it is very easy in installation and connecting with water     pipelines
Available sizes :
  For Premium series : 115 LPD ,175 LPD,230 LPD,380 LPD
  For Standard series : 100LPD, 150LPD, 200LPD, 250LPD, 300LPD
Customized systems also can be provided.

  For all types of domestic hot water requirements
  Camping area
  For showers at sports centres or swimming pools
  Can replace all types of conventional water heaters
  Holiday residences

  Have Internationaly certified SUS304-2B stainless steel inner tank
  Have 0.426mm painted steel outer tank, with excellent finish
  Have Aluminum alloy stands 6063: wind proof and anti-corrosion, require no painting or maintenance
  Have HFC-245FA foaming material, which is completely harmless to the ozone layer
  Have PUF density of 42KG/m3 and high cell closing rate for better insulation

TSPL has designed a special Solar Water Heating System with inner tank made of Modified Polly Propylene (MPP) for very hard water applications. It can be used where TDS level 2000 PPM or even more. It is maintenance free, Easy to install. Available sizes are 125LPD, 250LPD.