Industrial / Commercial
TSPL brand of evacuated tube collectors (or manifolds) have been developed by a team of German professionals. Their outstanding design, professional finishing, top quality and high energy yield, as well as their excellent price to performance ratio make them stand out. Every time your business uses a solar hot water heating system, you put money in your pocket. By harnessing the free energy of the sun to preheat water for commercial use, many Indian businesses can save money and contribute to a healthier environment and community.
A solar hot water system supplements a conventional heating system. Solar water heaters reduce the cost of running conventional commercial and industrial boilers by preheating the water that enters these systems. The boilers take care of heating needs at night and on cloudy days. Solar hot water systems may cost more initially than conventional fossil-fuel systems but, over time, they can save businesses a substantial amount of money and reduce GHG emissions. At current energy prices, these systems can pay for themselves in less than 2 years, depending on the application. Of course, if the price of conventional fuel rises, payback time can be reduced even more. Twincity Sunlife also has Space Optimized Manifolds (SOM) collectors to design the system which occupies 30% -50% lesser space as compared to the conventional manifolds systems.
  Easy-installation, competitive price
  Well integrated into building roof and without harm to the damp-roof courts
  Can be integrated with different types of control systems
  fulfilling different requirements
  Domestic Water heating systems and large scale or higher sized water heating systems
  Non-pressurized collectors, used for large scale projects
  Heating through the collectors, transferring hot water to the storage tank