Solar Fencing
In line with TSPL’s commitment to provide the MOST ADVANCED & SOPHISTICATED renewable energy Solutions to individuals & industries, we introduce you to our solar powered fencing systems. When an intruder or animal touches the fence, the circuit between the fence and the ground is completed and thus they receive a short, sharp but safe shock. The shock is sufficiently memorable enough to ensure the intruder would never enter the premises again. The Security Power Fence System (SPF) is designed with cyclic wave technology of high voltage deterrent system which would deter, detect, and deny physical intrusion by giving the intruder a shot, sharp and painful but safe shock. The system will check the fence 45 or less time a minute. When the Fence wires are cut or tampered with, a built in alarm will immediately alert the monitoring personnel and the security authorities.
  Forest reserves
  Restricted areas

1) For Security and safety purpose
  Ideal for Society, industrial and factory protection
  Areas with excess of load shedding, where other security products fail
  Psychological barrier for thieves and trespassers

2) For human and animal control
  Keep animals, including wild and vermin, away
  Growing, rationing of crops and pastures can be improved during slow growth periods
  Separate various types and classes of animals
  Fence off trees, rivers, eroding areas and roads

3) For profit
  Optimum protection
  Substantial increase in the pasture production
  The return of valuable animal manure more evenly over the grazing area than having it concentrated in specific areas
  Better protection of crops from animals

  Easy Construction
  Low maintenance
  Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure
  All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically
  Makes strip grazing and back fencing easy
  Encourages additional subdivision, giving increased production
  Modification of system to control a variety of animals is very easy
  Aesthetically pleasing
  Discourages trespassers and predators
  Not harmful. It gives a short, sharp but safe shock to the intruder
  Perimeter protection

  Layout of the location
  Required protection details
  Number of strands or lines required
  Soil details (Optional)

The Solar module generates the DC energy and charges the Battery. The output of the battery is connected to Energizer or Controller or Charger or Fencer. The energizer will produce a short, high voltage pulse at regular rate of one pulse per second. The live wire of the energizer is connected to the fence wire and the earth terminal to the Earth system. Animal / Intruder touching the live wire creates a path for the current through its body to the ground and back to the energizer via the earth system and completes the circuit. Thus the intruder will receive a shock; the greater the shock the intruder receives the more lasting the memory will be avoided in future.
The Energizer has to be set up with its earth terminal coupled to an adequate earthing or grounding system. The live terminal is coupled to the live insulated wires of the fence. Energizer will send an electric current along an insulated steel wire. An animal or intruder touching the live wire creates a path for the electrical current through its body to the ground and back to the Energizer via the earth or ground system, thus completing the circuit. The greater the shock the animal receives the more lasting the memory will be and the more the fence will be avoided in the future. The shock felt is a combination of fence voltage and pulses time or energy. The higher the joule rating of the energizer the greater the shock and the greater the fence performance.
The basic building blocks of a power fence are:
  Earthing (Grounding System)
  Fence system
The heart of the Power fence is the Energizer. The energizer is selected depending on the animals to be controls, length of the fence and number of strands. Main function of the energizer is to produce short and sharp pulses of about 8000 volts at regular intervals. The power input is from the DC energy from battery. The energizer should be protected from children, should be enclosed, free from mechanical damage and away from inflammable material.
Earthing System
The earth or ground system of the Energizer is like the antenna or aerial of a radio. A large radio requires a large antenna to effectively collect sound waves and a high powered Energizer requires a large number of electrons from the soil. The earth or ground system must be perfect to enable the pulse to complete its circuit and give the animal an effective shock. Soil is not a good conductor so the electrons spread out and travel over a wide area, inclining towards moist mineral soils. If possible, select an area for the energizer earth site which is damp all the year.
Fence Wire Systems
They are of two types:
  All live Wire System
  Earth or ground Wire Return System
a. All Live Wire System
The all live wire system should be used where there is relatively even rainfall and where there is some green vegetation most of the year, or in areas with highly conductive soils. The all live wire system should be used as much as possible.
b. Earth or ground Wire Return System
The earth or ground wires return system should be used where there is low rainfall stony and dry soil condition most of the year. The system overcomes the problem of dry, non-conductive, or frozen soils not allowing sufficient current to flow through the animal's feet back to the energizer. The fence should have both live and ground wires. By touching the live and ground wires on the fence, the animal gets the full shock.
Fence wire
  High tensile (H.T) wire is recommended for electric fence systems because of its advantages
  It retains its tension far longer than soft wire.
  It conducts sufficient current for most applications
  It is reasonable visible
  High Conductive Aluminium Coated Wire is best used for long distance.
  Double insulated Leadout Cable is used in building, under gateways and where the soil could corrode exposed galvanized wire.
Fence wire
  Never use household electrical cable
  Never use copper wire under gate cable because electrolysis problems occur where it is joined to the galvanized fencing wire
  Never electrify barbed wire. It is dangerous, has the potential to cause faults and is illegal in some countries

  The system will be a Non-Lethal Solar Powered Perimeter Security system
  The system will operate as a Psychological and physical Barrier
  The system will alert any kind of intrusion through an audio alarm System that can be in the vicinity of more than 300 meters, within a second
  The security fence system will produce a high voltage at an energy output of 4.8 Joules, which will act as an active deterrent, a physical barrier and     a reliable detection system
  The Energizer will be able to check the fence around 45 times a minute and the instant the pulsated wires are cut or tampered, a built-in-alarm will     immediately alert the monitoring personnel and the security authorities, along with the zone of attempted break-in (Optional)
  External Alarm will be activated within a second. As a precautionary means an internal alarm is provided as a substitute in case of failure of external     alarm
  The Lead Acid Battery (Reputed Make) along with electronic system will be concealed in a Metal box. A Live light fixed on the fence will indicate the     activeness of the solar system
  Solar PV Module of MNRE approved make will be supplied, which can generate the required power to charge the Lead Acid battery. In general the     Battery backup provided will be for 120 Hrs. in the event of complete darkness or solar power input failure
  Auxiliary supply of 230V AC will be provided {Optional}

Description of Energizer   High voltage
Peak level of voltage   10,000 volts
Max. Impulse du ration   ON time 0.05 sec. OFF time – around 1.3 sec
No of pulses / min   45
Max. Quantity of Electricity per impulse   2.50 m.C
Max. Discharge/impulse   4.8 joules
Peak value of current   10 amps
Period for which theInstantaneous value of the output current exceeds 300 mA   1.5- m.s
Battery Rechargeable Sealed Maintenance free battery,   12 volts / 72 Ah / Dry
Charger (Solar Photovoltaic Module & standby Battery charger 30-40 Watt output 230V AC)   40 Wp