Solar Powered Associated Capsule Group (ACG) Pharma Commercial Complex
26800 LPD Solar Water Heating System
Customer - ACG
Location - Kandivali, Mumbai

ACG Worldwide has been serving the pharmaceutical industry for five decades and is the second largest manufacturer of empty hard capsules in the world. It has a presence in over 100 countries with its products and services to provide world-class technology across multiple domains.

The cold water is pumped into the system through pumps (i.e. Forced Circulation System) and the whole system is monitored by a control panel.
The system comprises of :
  60 nos. of Vaccum Tubes
  Pumps Each of 1 hp 2 nos.
  PT-100 Temperature sensors
  Controller Panel
  Photo sensors
  Plumbing (NRV, Stainer, Air release valve.PRV, water meter)

This 26,800 LPD Solar Water Heating System provides the entire hot water requirement of the company and helps the in Electricity saving 3,30,000 Units annually & hereby reducing Co2 Emission of 2,97,000 kg / Year in the Environment.